Warranty, Exchange and Returns Policy

A. Warranty Policy

1. All products released by Tech101 is identified with a warranty sticker, a Seriel Number.

2. Strictly follow below warranty guidelines:

  • Present Warranty Slip.
  • Provide Technical Report from Corresponding Service Center (for electronic devices).
  • Present Sales Invoice.

No Warranty Slip, No Sales Invoice, NO WARRANTY

3. Only Item under below category will have Warranty:

Damage resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, alteration, tampering or failure of the purchaser to follow normal operating procedures outlined in the user’s manual;4. Warranty does NOT covered the following:

  • Defects or damage due to spillage of food or liquids or wrong usage of electrical supply & voltage;
  • Damage, losses, defects or malfunction as a result of fire, flood or other acts of God also animal or insect infestations;
  • Normal wear & tear, corrosion, rusting or stains;
  • Defects or damage resulting from testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, or adjustment not furnished or approved by the manufacturer, including but not limited to installation of unauthorized software and unauthorized root access, both of which shall void this limited warranty;
  • Scratches & damage to the outer surface areas and externally exposed parts that are due to normal customer use.
  • General maintenance & routine servicing;
  • Claims for damaged or missing parts after 7 days from the date of purchase;
  • If any part or parts of the unit are replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by us or the unit has been dismantled or repaired by any person other than the manufacturer authorized technician or service center;

TECH101 is NOT liable in the case that the manufacturer or official service center refuse to accept the warranty from any of the reasons stated above.

B. Sales Return
  1. No Receipt, No Exchange. Original Receipt is needed to process any sales return transactions.
  2. No Cash Refund. Customer is eligible to exchange with same price product. In the event that the product is not available, Customer can choose to upgrade the item and pay the balance.
  3. Customer shall return in complete boxes, units, cables, cases, warranty cards and other original box content in order to perform the Exchange.
  4. Tech101 reserves the right to decline any returns when deemed necessary.
  5. Customer will be responsible for paying the shipping cost for returning of your item. Shipping cost are non refundable.
C. For Lost Receipt, Warranty Card
  1. Submit Notarized Affidavit of Lost
  2. Present Two (2) valid ID.
D. After Sales
  1. We will inspect and notify you on the status once we received your returned item. If your return is approved, we will contact you for the product replacement.
  2. Fill up the Return Form for online return process.

Products Return Policy FAQs

1. What if my phone encountered problem after 7 days, it is still covered for warranty?
  • After 7 days the unit has 1-year brand warranty through their specific service centers.
2. What would be the start date of item warranty?
  • From the date you purchase. Example: You purchased your cellphone January 1, 2020 the warranty is until January 7, 2020.
3. What if the model I purchased is not available, can I change the model or items?
  • You will only update your items or units sold only if the product was defective or have factory issue. Upgrade will only made if the items or units sold with the same price was not available or out of stock. Upgrade is allowed however the customer will pay for the amount difference. NO DOWNGRADE
4. What will I do if I encountered problem with my purchased item and I want to replace the item?
  • Fill up the Return Form in the Site and wait for Tech101 notification.
5. What if I lost my receipt, can I still entitle for warranty?
  • Yes, for lost receipt just present the following:
    • Notarized Affidavit of Lost, when requesting for Purchase Certification. It should indicate the Purchasers name, date of purchase, and Item purchased
    • Purchaser will be required to present at least (2) valid ID.
6. How will I know if my returned item was received and for replacement?
  • Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received you’re returned Item. We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item.
  • If your return is approved, we will contact you for the product replacement.